For mechanical watches (manual and automatic winding), and quartz movements where Movement replacement  isn't a viable or economic option, we offer full servicing and repair with a 12 month guarantee.

Servicing a watch movement correctly requires it to be completely stripped so that every part can be examined for wear or damage.  A simple quartz timepiece has around 20 - 30 parts, most of them just a few millimetres in size.  For an automatic mechanical chronograph that parts count rises to several hundred, all of which must be correctly cleaned, examined, reassembled, adjusted and lubricated if the movement is to perform reliably.

We hold a large stock of current and obsolete parts and can source most others through both mainstream materials houses and specialist trade contacts.

While technology, such as cleaning and timing machines, can help and undoubtedly save time, watch repair is still an essentially "hands on" profession where the watchmaker's abilities are key.  It's perfectly possible to successfully service almost any watch with nothing but loupes (eye glasses), tweezers and screwdrivers combined with traditional cleaning materials and suitable oil but it's not possible without the watchmaker's hands, eyes and knowledge - one slip of the tweezers when dealing with a pivot thinner than a human hair can spell disaster!