We can offer anything from a simple battery change (which isn't quite as "simple" as some might believe!) to full overhaul of automatic mechanical chronographs. 

Our silver oxide watch cells are all from either Renata (Swiss made, from the same group as Omega watches) or Seizaiken (made by Seiko).  For 3v lithium cells we use Maxell.  While these may not be the cheapest out there, we use them for one simple reason - leakage. 

By far the biggest killer of quartz (battery powered) watches is leakage of the power cell. In almost 20 years of experience, these three brands have proved themselves to be the most reliably sealed cells available.  Saving a few pence per cell by using other brands would undoubtedly improve our profits but it's really not worth the risk of damaging someone's watch.

Where appropriate for local customers we can offer "while-you-wait" pressure testing of waterproof watches, up to and including dive models.  We're even happy for you to observe the test, and explain the process to you, if you'd like.  We also carry a large range of back and crown seals in stock so that most leaks can also be cured on the spot.